Services Overview



Investment Management Services

Our advisors have access to various investment managers to provide a range of investment management services for individuals and businesses that do not have the time, inclination, or capabilities to address their more sophisticated investment management needs. Today’s complex and rapidly changing financial landscape makes it tough to make knowledgeable and informed investment choices and to manage your investments on your own. MPPL Financial’s customized and comprehensive investment process allows us to really get to know you and to understand your needs. This approach will ensure that we consider the widest possible range of financial solutions for you and proactively monitor your investments to make the most informed decisions.  For more details click here.

Financial Planning Services

Our advisors use Midwest Professional Planners, Ltd. to provide financial planning services for the individuals and businesses we serve. We have access to various levels of planning that range from specific planning areas, such as retirement readiness or college funding, to coordinated planning that encompasses all financial planning areas. Our financial plans are tailored to your needs through a five-step process: Discovery, Gap Analysis, Recommendation, Implementation, and Ongoing advice.  For more details click here.  

Brokerage Services

Our advisors provide brokerage services to individuals and families who need a basic financial roadmap to help them reach their short, intermediate, and long-term goals. These services help people better understand the basics of risk management, ways to diversify their investments, and how to systematically save and invest for life goals as they evolve. Because our advisors are independent, they have access to many investment and insurance companies through our affiliations with Comprehensive Asset Management and Servicing, Inc. and Crump Life Insurance Services. This independence means that our clients receive advice without the conflict of interest they would get if they worked with a captive advisor (one who works exclusively for a specific investment or insurance company).  For more details click here. 

Company Retirement Plan Services

Our advisors provide retirement plan services to assist businesses in attracting and retaining high quality employees and maximizing owners’ and key employees’ contributions using defined contribution, defined benefit, and executive benefit plans. Our advisors will assist in managing retirement plan assets, assessing fiduciary liability, measuring plan effectiveness, benchmarking costs and services, and ensuring they are meeting ERISA and Department of Labor regulations. Our advisors can provide both bundled and un-bundled plans from various financial institutions offering the ability to find a retirement plan that fits your business’s specific goals and objectives.  For more details click here.

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