Investment Management Services

Fee-Only Investment Management Services
(Offered through Midwest Professional Planners, Ltd.)


Typical Needs of People Who Use This Service

Business Owners:

“I spend virtually all of my waking hours running and growing my business. I don’t have the time, inclination, or capabilities to successfully address my personal investment management and financial planning needs. I turn to a firm that provides me with a wide range of solutions to help me manage my business and personal financial needs.”


“As a busy professional, I spend a lot of time working on building and managing my career, and not managing my personal finances. Just as my clients look for specialization, expertise, and direction in my field, I look to a firm for their expertise to help me effectively manage my financial life.”


“Educate me on the best ways to initiate a savings and investing plan or identify the most efficient ways to put my money to work to help me achieve my retirement goals. Help me stay informed, engaged, and on track along the way. Show me the most cost / tax efficient ways to withdraw my savings or create an orderly distribution to transition my wealth. Help me understand not just how much to invest and prepare for my goals, but also what those potential ‘landmines’ look like that can affect my plan.”


Given the complexity and rapidly-changing nature of the financial landscape, I need real expertise and must work with a firm where investment management and planning are core, and not ‘sideline’ businesses.”


“I want you to get to know me well enough to anticipate my needs, so trust is very fundamental to our relationship. I also want to know that our interests are aligned so when I am successful, you are successful.  As you get to understand who I am, you can provide the optimal approach and scope of services to best meet my needs. Given the dynamic and rapidly-changing nature of the financial landscape, I don’t have the time to watch the market on a daily basis. So, I want to know you are looking out for my best interests, that we can and will work together to review my progress, and that together we will move forward in a positive direction.”


“I do not operate in a nine-to-five world, so I want to be able to access the people, support, information, and tools when I need to. I also expect you to provide a very high level of responsiveness to my requests.”



Our fee-based investment advisory services offer a proven investment process and the independent and objective advice that assures our objectives are aligned with yours. As fiduciaries, our advisors are held to the industry’s highest standard: always act in your best interest.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will stay on top of a very rapidly-changing financial landscape. They will consider the widest possible range of financial solutions, proactively monitor your investments, and make the most informed decisions that are in your best interest.

Our customized and comprehensive investment process allows us to get to know you and understand your goals. We perform a psychological assessment of your risk tolerance, assist you in making informed financial choices, watch out for your best interests, and make adjustments when necessary. This approach will bring peace of mind knowing we are looking out for you so you, can spend less time watching your investments.

Our wide range of investment services means that we can find the right option for you, that we will not put you in a “box” regarding your investments solutions, and that there will be an opportunity for your investment strategy to evolve as your needs change.

Our proactive communications will assure you that we are consistently watching out for you. We will alert you to important events, provide you with our perspective on the financial markets, and will collaborate with you on your investment strategies as they evolve.

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