Company Retirement Plan Services

Company Retirement Plan Services


Typical Needs of People Who Use This Service

“I am a business owner who understands the importance of my firm’s employee benefits, including defined contribution, defined benefit, and profit sharing plans. I am always interested in ways to recruit and retain the highest quality employee, and I know how effective the right benefit plan can be in helping me attain my human capital goals. I am also highly engaged in managing my firm’s bottom line and, given the overall commitment and costs of these programs, I need to continually evaluate the costs and the benefits of plan delivery while supporting my fiduciary responsibilities.”

“I am aware of a number of significant changes in defined contribution and defined benefit plans regarding more stringent compliance as well as new regulations concerning plan cost, service levels, value delivered, and investment options available to my employees. So I am looking for end-to-end professional support and advice to help me structure and manage this important component of my employee benefits offering.”

“To help me achieve my goals, I am seeking help across a number of areas, including comprehensive guidance for my firm’s Trustees in understanding the retirement plan landscape, education on the range of possible plan options, and help choosing the most suitable plan investments. I also want to work with a firm that offers a full range of investment options, professional management of the plan assets, and an annual / periodic reporting tools that evaluate how well the components of my firm’s plans are supporting my fiduciary duties.”

“For my employees, I need assistance in structuring the right approaches to help them first of all maximize their contributions to the plans as well as in organizing and delivering effective investor education training. My employees need a range of options including face-to-face meetings, self-serve educational tools, and, of course, online 24/7 service and support.”



Our wide range of available retirement solutions, our team of skilled retirement specialists, and our effective plan reporting tools help the plan Trustee unquestioningly achieve their fiduciary responsibilities.

Our intuitive and engaging investor education tools lead to a deeper understanding of the benefits of retirement plan enrollment, the effectiveness of higher employee contribution levels, and the resulting more secure retirement for the participant.

One-on-one personal retirement counseling for participants reinforces key plan elements and benefits and assures that the right plan, service, and support will be in place for the right employee.

A broad scope of plan options and features means more employee choice and resulting higher employee satisfaction levels with the company.

Direct access to professional money managers provides a range of plan investment options resulting in maximum investment choice and optimal plan performance. Access to a full range of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Custodians allows for a customized employee benefits experience.

Our plan effectiveness service will save businesses time and money in assessing and benchmarking their retirement plan costs and services, while assisting them in reducing their fiduciary liability.

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